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ANZAC update

Ok so RMC Sword and Port evening was a good experience for Douglas Leather. Put us on the map that much more. Now I'm back I'll be putting in the effort to get everyone's belts out before the Big day. Anyone ordering from now unfortunately will be May to June for delivery but I'll strive to get them out before if I have time.

Just so everyone knows I'll be attending 2 x sword and ports each year at RMC to show off our gear. It's been a tough 2 years but seems the spicy fog is lifting slightly and Douglas Leather has some traction finally.

Please don't hesitate to email with questions regarding lead times etc as I can get things done as priority however please bare with me during this period.

One of our main challenges is polishing belts at the moment as we are getting some really bad waxes which makes our polishing great but also cracks easily so we are working on this trying to find the best wax we can so the polish holds and is more flexible on the belt without cracking.

We would really appreciate any feedback and welcome pictures of your ANZAC parades and you guys wearing our gear.

Also some exciting news, we may be supplying some bigger companies with our belts over the next year here and in UK, watch this space.

Thanks to all that have ordered and really appreciate your patience on getting your kits.


Scott Douglas

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