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Differences between Dark Brown and Brown Tan with our Sam Brownes.

Hi everyone, I have had a few questions lately regarding the colours of Sam Browne we offer. A few people have asked "How dark is the dark brown" or "Is the dark brown a standard".

Well I have her a few pictures so you can see the difference between Black, Dark Brown and Brown Tan.

The Brown Tan is the most popular colour in our range, once polished it comes up a nice deep brown/burgundy colour which seems to be a hit with most of our customers. The Dark Brown is a great colour however less popular, the dark brown seems to be a hit with the Poms as these colours are worn over in the UK more so than here in AUS.

See pics below for a quick comparison.

I hope this helps.

Cheers all!

Pic 1 - Dark Brown with Brass fittings