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UK workshop vs Australia workshop

Hey all, thanks for being patient with orders.

Uk workshop is up and running, I'll be coming back to Aus late February 2024.

Anzac day orders are my main focus once I've cleared some amazing RMC cadet orders.

Going forward, I'll be taking orders up until March 15th for Anzac Day. After that I'll be in Canberra for sword and Port evening and then producing kits for about 2 months after that.

What this means is, if anyone needs a kit before Anzac day please order asap. After that I'll be taking orders as normal but it'll mean delivery around July/August 2024.

I'm also attending Sandhurst military college in UK, in April, Douglas Leather may be busy over the next 6 months, so please get in now while you can.

I would love to say that we can get a kit to you in 2 weeks like most retailers but as we are an Australian small business and all work is custom made, we can't guarantee this. When we have down time we can produce Sam Browne's very quickly, definitely before a 2 week limit, but please bare with us, you'll receive the best kit you'll ever see, we can guarantee that.

Also!! Remember the Sedgwick leather kit has really taken off, and you'll not be disappointed. Yes it's more expensive but if you're setting out on your military career then there's no question. The Italian leather kits are of great quality also, but Sedgwick has to be the best I've work with and it really shows popularity with how many people are ordering them.

I've also been sampling some other Italian leather direct from Italy and some of the leather is amazing, great colours and textures. The only issue is the length of leather they supply, if you're of the wider human like myself then some of these belts will not fit you as they only supply up to a 101cm waist, and I'd be hard pressed to fit that myself. (Less beer...more running 😆)

I'll update my site very soon with more options of leather ranging from 2.8mm / 3mm thickness to 3.5mm and 4mm thickness leathers and Italian and British or Australian leathers, keep an eye out on my site.

Anyway if you have any questions please let me know on my uk number +447853111436 or Aus number +61423233102

Or please email me on or Douglasleather.

Cheers all


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