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We are back!

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

We are finally taking orders, please note that the website ordering system will take a while to get up and running again so if you see "out of stock" please just ignore this, this has just been put in place for the time being so people cannot order online. Just simply send me an email on or call 0423 233 102 for more information.

I already have a number of orders in just the last week which is amazing and thank you all again for your continued support of small business, as we all know its been a difficult couple of years especially for small business around Australia.

Please note the following changes:


We no longer offer mirror finish polishing services, we do however still polish but not mirror finish standard. Being a two man team its very difficult to spend 2 to 3 hrs polishing each belt and straps to this standard. We do now offer the full polish at $100 and this includes a waxed base layer then polish then buff which actually gets it to parade standard, it also lets you build on top of these layers to get it to mirror finish standard.


Unfortunately we are out of stock of the Kiwi parade gloss for our polishing kits. We still use Kiwi Dark Tan polish and this polish can get your belt to mirror finish standard if you have a waxed base layer (which we offer in our polishing service).

We are in talks with a supplier in UK that may be able to get us Kiwi Parade Gloss in the coming months and then I will add them to our polishing kits. They will be that little more expensive due to freight costs however we will try and keep it as low as possible on price. (Watch this space!)

****EDIT - I have managed to get my hands on a very limited supply of parade gloss so if you do need some please let me know asap. I will be keeping some for the prestige kits as they are priority but if you need a tin let me know.


Our turnaround times were around 2 to 4 weeks however now I am mainly working on my own the lead times are now 4 to 8 weeks and possibly longer however I will always try and get kits out within the 2 to 4 weeks. My current lead time is end of Nov to Dec and will close during Christmas so any orders in Nov may be Jan by the time you receive the kit.

IF you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask, please feel free to sign up to the site and you will then receive updates on products and blog notifications etc.

Thank you all once again and I am very happy to hear that people have been waiting for me to open up again to order, it means a lot to us here at Douglas Leather.

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