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We are coming back....

Hi guys, thanks to all that email us and have given us a reason to keep the business going.

It has been a difficult slog in the current climate and even though we may be coming back we won't be in full capacity. What that will mean is turnaround times will vary from 2 weeks up to 8 weeks depending on time of year. Also you may have to bare with us with regards to brass fittings being sourced as they can take some time to get here. With all that though we will be opening back up in a limited capacity.

If you're hoping for a Sam Browne by Anzac day please email me now, better to be in first as it will be a first in best dressed case.

Watch this space and sign up for notifications so when we come back into stock of items you'll be able to order or contact us earlier.

Cheers guys

Scott Douglas

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