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Premium Sedgwick Leather Sam Browne (no frog)

Premium Sedgwick Leather Sam Browne (no frog)


This is Douglas Leathers Premium Leather Sam Browne.

Sedgwick Leather is rated the best leather in Britain.

Sedgwick traditional bridle leather is an open grain leather (not sealed) and has a high shine finish due to the care and attention it receives as it works its way through the various Sedgwick processes in polishing, dying, and finishing. Sedgwick uses natural oils and fats during the leather tanning process.

We order these from our supplier when you order with us. We have our supplier cut the straps for us from the hide and we do the rest.

All fittings are brass and removable.

This kit comes with:

Sam Browne Belt

2 cross straps (polys and service dress sizes)

Buckle assembly

You will also receive a magnetic gift box with a polishing kit.

We can also customise your belt with your Pmkeys stamped in, name, rank, or core.

This is definitely a one of a kind Sam Browne, in fact we have never heard of a Sam Browne being made in Sedgwick leather in Australia.

Please allow 6 weeks for production (December excluded)

Please note:

Leather is a natural material and some of the animal's natural characteristics may feature on your products. Marks such as veining, creases, healed scars, tone and grain difference should be appreciated as a mark of authenticity. No two hides are alike, just as no two animals are alike.

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