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Sam Browne Full kit - BRASS FITTINGS

Sam Browne Full kit - BRASS FITTINGS


Sam Browne full kit. With removable brass fittings. 100% genuine Italian Leather. Handmade and stitched. Available black, dark tan and dark brown. Includes 1 x Sam Browne belt ($260), 2 x cross straps ($170), 1 x buckle assembly ($65) 1 x sword frog ($125). (Total $85 savings)

This kit has removable Brass fittings

Size:Custom made to order (please go to your Qstores and get a fitting or email me for further information) **For help with Color of your Sam Browne check out our Blog page with pictures showing you the differences.

Please note:

Leather is a natural material and some of the animal's natural characteristics may feature on your products. Marks such as veining, creases, healed scars, tone and grain difference should be appreciated as a mark of authenticity. No two hides are alike, just as no two animals are alike.

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