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1897 Pattern sword

It's recently dawned on is here at Douglas Leather that we could offer a more streamlined service and product. We have been looking into selling the 1897 pattern sword with scabbard, either with our Sam Browne kits or separately to those who require them.

What I would love to know from all our visitors and customers that tend to read my blog, is would you order these swords and scabbards with your kits? (with obvious discounts applied when ordering altogether as a whole kit)

We know some don't like to buy thier own and use issued swords, however if you were to buy, would you like to buy from the same place you buy your Sam Browne? This helps also with leather matching to the scabbard.

Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know if this is something that would make sense to all you guys out there, because it makes sense to us here at Douglas Leather :)


Scott Douglas

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