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I've received many requests over time for gold plated fittings. Well we have some good news, we will be selling gold plated fittings from August onwards. They will of course come with an additional cost however because our Sam Brownes have removable fittings you'll be able to buy them separately and fit yourself, if you're ordering a new Sam Browne we'll charge the standard belt cost plus the additional gold plated fittings on top. We've stayed away from gold plated fittings due to the fact the gold wears off over time, yes it gives a great shine and you'll not need to polish them up for a long time however once they lose their gold they end up chrome; therefore needing to buy more. Good thing though with our belts you can remove the fittings to polish your belt and prolong the wear on the gold so it may just be up your alley.... I'll add the costs to the Sam Browne store shortly so you can start ordering.

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