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Anzac day pre-order

Hi all, for those who are interested in ordering your Sam brownes ready for Anzac Day please use the template below and the attached sizing guide to measure yourself.

Once you have this detail please email me on and you'll be placed into a queue and I'll start making orders as of Jan 12th 2024. You'll then be sent your order 2 weeks before Anzac day.

My website will be back in stock late December early Jan. But please don't hesitate to order via email.


Full name:

Phone number:

Postal address:

Waist (cm):

Polys strap (cm)

Service dress strap (cm):

Colour of Sam Browne : (black, Dark Tan is Australian standard and Dark brown)

Type of kit: Sedgwick Premium kit, full Italian leather kit, half kit or basic kit. **Please see Sam brownes I have on offer in my online shop

Cheers 🍻

Scott Douglas

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