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Gold plating

So we have found an electroplater that will be able to plate gold and chrome for us.

We will add to the site soon however please note it will be 2 weeks to plate as its sent to Melbourne to do this.

The cost of gold plating is pretty expensive however the platers we've used in the past have not plated to a high quality but now we've found a plater that plates in a high quality 23ct gold.

At Douglas Leather we really only search out the best quality fittings and plating and now we've found it we'll be able to get gold back up and running.

Just so you're all aware I will not be making any profit from the gold plating, so the pricing will be the exact same pricing for a kit with the additional charge that the plater charges.

Please feel free to email me if you have questions.

Cheers all.

Scott D