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Sam Brownes, with removable brass?

So I have decided to make all Sam Brownes with removable brass going forward.

It was not a hard decision to make as I have had a few requests lately for removable brass making it easier to polish brass whilst not putting the leather at risk of brass polishing chemicals.

The great thing about this is that all you need is a flat head screw driver and a little patience. Very simply as you can see from the picture the brass fitting is unscrewed and polished then put back in place and tightened.

I believe this saves on expense and time both for you and myself, let me explain. Most companies will offer a gold plated option on all fittings for their Sam Brownes, this is so that the customer doesn't have to worry about the fittings tarnishing and going dull. However, Gold plating does end up wearing off and ultimately you have a brown belt with chrome fittings (which is not a standard by the army dress code). This would mean you would have to pay the manufacturer another fee to remove the fittings and replate which again will be at a cost.

Removable brass solves many issues, even if you want to order gold plated fittings you can swap between them both or simply choose your fittings to attach yourself.

I think its a great leap forward and awesome news for all of us.

Thanks for reading, any comments please post.

Scott D

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