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We are back full time 2020!

Its been a hard year working in a full time job and also taking Sam Browne orders and only having a weekend to get them completed. Some Sam brownes have been over 4 months to make and send out. To all of you who waited patiently, I thank you.

Good news though, I have decided to resign from my full time job and now able to work on my leather five to six days a week and not just the one. What does this mean? Quicker turnaround time for all Sam Browne orders, and just in the nick of time, ANZAC day is fast approaching and no doubt a lot of people out there need a kit ready for the day.

So in celebration of not only my new journey into my leather business, but also for the fast approaching ANZAC day, I am dropping all Sam Brownes, full kits and half kits by 15% for January 2020. I will then have February with a 10% discount and then March a 5% discount. So if you require one or ANZAC best to order asap to get the best discounts.

I will also be posting the below advert in the Army newsletter in Jan so keep an eye out there for additional special offers.

Happy New Year!

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